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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I've been had. By a book.Firstly, I'm that indecisive girl who messes with her ratings every now and then. I've got this at four stars right now, but I don't know if it will stick. I do know, however, that "Gone Girl" is solidly between a three and a four and it all boils down to me not knowing if I liked it, or if I liked it liked it. Part of the problem is that Gillian Flynn has done her job well. You can tell that she set out to not give us characters to like or root for, but to present to us a study of a complex and ultimately deeply damaged couple, Nick and Amy Dunne. For the first quarter of the book, I HATED Nick Dunne. There was little for me to relate or hold on to in the first place, as I've never suffered an unhappy marriage, but on top of that I actively hated Nick. Then, the twists and turns start and I just didn't know who to hate anymore. The first quarter of the book is also slow. Yes, you have the big mystery present from the onset, but it doesn't actually start feeling like a mystery until way too far into the book. I was curious because I wanted to know what happened, but for the first 35% of the book, the author wasn't doing an amazing job of stringing that curiosity along.Once the thrills and spills start, I can't say that I ever once saw anything coming. Mostly because at that point, my emotions, mostly hatred and annoyance towards the main characters, were involved. I wasn't trying to guess what came next, I JUST NEEDED TO KNOW. One of the reasons I'm wavering on the rating is because I felt manipulated. Yes, authors do play on the emotions of their readers, but I just feel like the very best ones do so effortlessly. It's the old theater saying that to hear someone say, "that's a great actress" is not a very good compliment at all. You don't want the audience to feel like they are watching an actress; you want them to be lost in a character. I felt manipulated. I saw the strings. There were such big A-HA MISDIRECTION moments that it felt a little cheap in the grand scheme of things. But. Flynn made me care. She made me feel things. She made me want to know how it ended. And at the end, she made me care and feel things all over again. It's hard to rate a book with such unlikable characters. The taste that's left in my mouth is that dislike, but that doesn't mean the author's done a bad job, you know?If you are even remotely curious, I say go for it. If nothing else, reading this book will at least satisfy that curiosity.