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Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1) - Wendy Higgins Two things about this book in comparison to other books:1.) If you finished City of Bones and thought, "wow. I wish that has a lot less incest," well, this is the book for you. The dialogue isn't as snappy as what you find in "City of Bones," and perhaps the characters aren't as well defined, but yeah, no incest. 2.) I read this book immediately after Fifty Shades of Grey, which I hated with the fiery passion of a thousand pits of hell. (I almost put this book down because almost two of the first names I read in this book were Anna and LaGray. ::shudder::) What "Fifty Shades" supporters like to say is that it is a mindless, entertaining read. It wasn't to me, because it took a lot of effort to look past so many of the faults of the book. THIS book, "Sweet Evil," is a mindless, entertaining read. It's a sit down and read it in one sitting book. You move through it with ease, and at the end, you know you haven't read the best book of all your life, but you realize that you were solidly entertained for how ever many hours it took.This book was mainly driven by plot for me. The characters weren't bad, but they were typical. It was the bones of your basic girl and boy changing each others life YA with the skin of a very interesting take on angel and demon lore. Anna, at first, comes off as a little too good to be true, but the author does a good job of eventually balancing this with the pull of her dark side, producing a heroine you can root for. She doesn't really get a chance to strut her bad-ass stuff in this book, but it felt like the pieces are all in place for Anna to really come into her own in any following books. Kaiden is your basic brooding, seductive, kind-of-a-jerk bad boy of a love interest. With an English accent to boot! What sets him just a little apart from every other YA love interests is the reason WHY he is how he is and how it all plays into the story at large. The little details of this world, like the character's badges and abilities and work, keep you entangled in the story, even with a few "twists" you see coming and a simple writing style. I usually don't pay lots of attention to what tense or voice books are written in, but I noticed multiple times through this one that the past tense was doing it a disservice. It felt weird at times, though that's about as articulate as I can be on the subject. Overall, you don't have to invest much time or effort into this story, making the overall payoff worth it.