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Dreamsleeves - Coleen Murtagh Paratore I rated this book a three stars, but I can easily see how this might be a favorite with a younger reader. It is an ideal middle-grade book, one with a lot of heart and honesty and a beautiful concept. Aislinn is a great character, a 12-year old faced with her father's worsening alcoholism, caring for her four young siblings, losing her best friend and her first real crush. A's narrative voice is enjoyable and suitably young, yet perceptive. I felt for her and related to her and was really hoping for her until the last page.The story is a little climatically slow, so it's good that interest in A and her well being pull you along. I kept reading because I cared for Aislinn, but not because one specific plot point had any real pull. And then, there is the idea of the Dreamsleeves. I'll admit that I find it absolutely adorable. What a great idea, to be brave enough to put your dreams on your sleeve. I wish that this concept were featured more heavily in the book, or perhaps with more gravitas. The BIG dream was only worn for a second, though that may have been the point. It only takes a second of bravery, sort of thing. I don't know. I just would've loved to see the Dreamsleeves taken further. That was my only gripe, though. This was a sweet, easy read I would give my friends a thumbs up about if they picked it up. I would only actively recommend to younger readers.