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Heart Breaker (Sweet Valley High, No. 8) - Francine Pascal Original SnarkSquad recap here.Jessica Wakefield was once turned down by sufer dude Bill Chase. So, naturally, she spends the book seducing and manipulating him, because these books are about nothing if they aren't about teaching young, impressionable youths amazing life lessons. We're introduced to the B-plot pretty early on as well and it comes in the form of Todd’s never-mentioned-before-long-lost-super-model-looking-ex-girlfriend-who-moved-back-to-town, Patsy Weber. DeeDee is in love with Bill so Jessica spends the book cockblocking her. Liz spends the book worrying about all the time Todd is spending with his hot ex-girlfriend. Bo Derek is mentioned in this book again. That has nothing to do with the actual plot, but I thought you would like to know anyways. In all, for an SVH book, this one doesn't have the usual theatrics, but it is inappropriate enough to heavily snark. Enjoy. Quotes from the recap:Liz runs into Roger who happens to be the janitor in her dad’s building. He janitor-s, he explains, so his family can pay rent. Liz is momentarily reminded that there are bigger problems in the world than skanks in string bikinis.DeeDee almost drowns. Well. That’s more realistic, thank you. It’s totally okay though because Bill pulls Dee out of the water than calls a lifeguard or a paramedic. Someone to check her out. LOL. JAYKAY. They start making out and Bill realizes Dee is very special to him. (And super hot. Apparently almost drowning does wonders for a girl’s appearance. Noted.)