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Double Love - Francine Pascal The entire premise behind "Childhood Trauma" is to go back and re-read the books we grew up with. I, however, never actually read Sweet Valley High as a kid, which gave me the unique perspective of being able to read these for the first time as a(n) (almost completely) functioning adult.Oh. My. God. In short, Jessica Wakefield is a bitch. A really, really pretty bitch. Her sister, Elizabeth Wakefield is a doormat. A really, really pretty doormat. In the first SVH book, Liz has fallen head over perfect-size-six-ass in love with Todd (affectionately known on our blog as Throat Punch Todd or TPT.) Jess decides this can't happen because all boys must love her. So, basically we get a book full of Jessica cockblocking her own sister, Elizabeth crying a whole freakin' lot and uh, doormat-ing. A lot. Jess gets sexually harassed by someone because that is what happens in Sweet Valley. A lot. The police are called and Jess lets them think that she is Liz, because she is a horrible human being. Todd decides that Liz is a bad, bad girl, because of the whole cops/bar thing and will not even look at her in the cafeteria anymore. Todd takes Jess to the school dance, but he's watching Liz the whole timeJess is pissed. It all culminates in Jess falsely accusing Todd of rape, because if there is one thing we should teach the youth of America, it's that you should lie about rape when you don't get your way. All's well that ends well when Liz and Todd talk it out and realize that Jess is just a crazy bitch. Liz forgives her sister. The End. So glad I read this. You can check out the full recap over at Childhood Trauma: "Double Love" or Welcome to Sweet Valley Cry.