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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I feel like this is a rather tentative 3 stars. Perhaps I only want it to be more, but for the moment, I can't get past the unsatisfied feeling I was left with at the end of John Green's newest novel, "The Fault in Our Stars."I like John Green's writing, and his humor, wit and distinctive voice all come through in this novel. There were many times I found myself pouring over a statement or observation, repeating the words to myself and taking in their meaning. The marks humans leave are too often scars.See? Pretty.I did have problems, though, with the characters. I'm all for smart kids. I also understand the point of bringing across the sort of growth and emotional maturity one must come into when faced with a terminal illness. Still, these teenagers very rarely felt like teenagers. And what's more, I didn't very much like them. That's probably not Green's fault, but rather a personal preference. I don't like everyone I meet, and I don't have to like every character I read. I didn't cry but that was probably a bi-product of not feeling particularly attached to the characters. I read a lot about the love between Augustus and Hazel, but it was always flat. It seemed to just be true, because it was written that way. Over-orchestrated and over-thought and over-talked. Edited to add: I was reading through other three star reviews, trying to see if there was anyone else who felt similarly, and I came across one that raised such a good point: the characters all had the same voice. I mentioned above that it was a too-old-for-them voice, but what's more, there is very little distinction between the personalities of the main characters. It was a solid effort, with a few highlights, but maybe it just wasn't something I could personally latch onto. Maybe it will be for you.