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Breathless - Jessica Warman I bought this because the Kindle store had it on sale and it had decent reviews. Though it isn't the sort of book you write home about, I don't regret spending my $0.99 on it, rather than on, I don't know, a candy bar or chips from the vending machine I don't need. It's easier just to read about destructive behavior, y'know?This isn't exactly fluffy YA, what with the drinking, smoking and suicide attempts, etc. It's the type of book you read, cringing a little the whole time for the main character, feeling bad for her and then not as she does dumb things. Warman is a good writer, though, and didn't ever make me want to punch her. Oh, except for these:"...""..."She did that a lot. Weird. The characters were all strange, and not exactly the type of people I would ever like/be friends with/relate to, but you wonder enough about what will happen to them that you keep reading.It was a good "in between this and that" book.