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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs We've all see the gag in TV or movies where someone picks a book, flips through it and asks, "where are the pictures?" Cue laugh track. We point and laugh beacuse smart people don't need pictures to help them read books! Pictures are for babies!Enter Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and the point where I must admit that yes, I needed the pictures in this book to help me read it. I'm only sort of kidding.What Riggs creates is a mediocre story. I'm sort of amazed, though, at how a book that features a fire starter, monsters, time travelling and souless creatures could ultimately be so bland. The main character has basiclly no personality. He could be anyone. I spent 300+ pages with him and I have no sense of him at all. That would be more passable if the plot had eneough action to propel it forward. It doesn't. I can't even pin point why it doesn't, what with all the explosions, sheep eating and time travelling, but there you go. Riggs manages it. It takes about 80% of the book to reach a point where it gets interesting, but even that fizzles into an ending that screams, "WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!" I'm not sure if there is a next one or if that was just a- let's say it all together now- mediocre ending. In the end, the big "climax" of the book is too little too late. ...but the pictures were nice!