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Looking for Alaska - John Green My reading of "Looking for Alaska" suffered because of one fact: I read it soon after reading two other John Green books, "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Paper Towns." Perhaps if there had been more time between reading, more anticipation, I could more easily forgive the recycling of characters and plot points and themes. (I say this knowing this book was written first.) It all seemed too familiar, as I read about another set of ridiculously intelligent social outcasts, pulling pranks, dealing with mortality and finding a place with each other. And, I mean, fine. That's YA. That's what YA does for the most part, but John Green's voice, his character's voices are a little too similar and disctinctive for me to have not said anything about it. I also understand that I am not the target audience here and so reading about smoking, drinking and still managing good grades! doesn't thrill me as much as it might a high schooler. I'm aged towards the side of, "where the hell are the adults?!" but, that's not Green's fault. He wrote a good young adult story. The structure, with the counting off before and after the event was, for lack of a better word, cool. The event really got me. I was completely unspoiled and I wasn't expecting it for one moment. It was at that point that I was finally sucked into the story. It was at that point that I realized Geen had made me care about his characters and I felt for them. I didn't put the book down again until I reached the very end. I really do enjoy Green's writing, and I would love for his next work to show a little growth, a little change, and a step away from this formula he's set up for himself.