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Genesis - Bernard Beckett I went into this book pretty blindly, having only added it after seeing a few well known reviewers highly recommend it. In fact, I was surprised that it took me only a few hours to read, having not noticed that it is a mere 150 pages. At first, I was a little annoyed at the way Beckett tells the back-story of this society, before it became the utopia that it appears to be. Anax is before a panel of Examiners, answering their questions and narrating the history of her society, one that she deeply loves. At first, I thought Beckett was expositing, setting up his world for some other action to be played out later. That isn't true. The examination is the story. The back-story is the story. And Anax, is a small part of that story. Basically, the book spans the four hour examination, and the format fit the theme like a glove. Do not go into this book expecting to feel much- not for Anax and not for any other of the sparse characters. This is not a book you really immerse yourself in, it is one that you consider from a distance, turning over the facts and words in your mind. It is almost pedantic in it's approach, philosophy disguised in a story, more than a story peppered with philosophy.It is a good book and gives you so much to consider. It may not hit you in the heart, but it leaves the mind reeling. The ending is especially well done. Genesis is so short and easy, that I would recommend it to almost all of my bookish friends for a quick Saturday afternoon read. But, I didn't love it. I struggled with the rating because of this, because I want everyone to know that this is good quality prose, but again, this isn't exactly my type of book. This is not what my five star book looks and feels like, and that's okay. It is still a very worthy read. Go into this as unspoiled as possible. Expect nothing, plot wise; just read. You'll be glad you did.