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The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey I was between a 3 and a 4 for this book. I was unsure if I "really liked it" but it is much better than other books I've marked three stars. It is beautifully written, but there was something about the story that always seemed just beyond my grasp. I think all said and done, the story ambles. Years come and go, some times things happen, but mostly, things are described. The very worst is foreshadowed again and again and again and then the very worst happens. It took quite a while for me to become invested in the story, in fact. As much as I loved the back story of this older couple without children willfully isolating themselves, the story doesn't take hold right away. It drags along, as a child flits in and out of their lives and few explanations are wandered upon. Sometimes our narrator feels detached from her surroundings, and it has the effect of causing the reader to detach as well. Every season that passes, and every mood change of the characters (especially Mabel) is felt. There are explanations that are never given, subtle plot points that melt off with the snow we hear so much of in the story. And of course the ending. The ending that you really have to read for yourself. No matter how much you think you know what to expect, you allow yourself to hope in different directions in spite of yourself and in spite of the story. I wouldn't say there was resolution, per se, but I'm the type of person that likes everything neatly wrapped up. It's a character flaw. A good story and I would recommend the book to friends, if only to also get their reactions to it.