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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin “I’m—” I remembered the tiny bottle clenched in my sweaty fist. “I’m confused. I need help.”Well, shit. To tell you the truth, Mara, I'm confused too. You have confused me. I hope you're happy now. I read a few 1 star reviews and found myself agreeing with so much of it- and yet I don't hate you.I read a few 5 star reviews and found myself agreeing with so much of it- and yet I don't love you. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?Okay. Let's talk this out:First off, I'd love to include a little synopsis of what the plot was but I'm not entirely sure what happened here. I mean, that part wasn't confusing, per se, but it felt very spaghetti-against-the-wall-see-what-sticks like. It wasn't a cohesive story. I tried my best to figure out why it was all so disjointed and why I was so unsold. I think that it comes down to two things:1. We have no fucking idea what's going on through most of the book. It's a crap ton of "I don't knows" and "maybe it wasn't reals." And not in a suspensful way. It was disorienting. The characters had no idea what was going on and it proved to be just a little too much. This is what ultimately made me keep reading. I wanted so much to know what was real and what was imaginary. I'm not sure if at the end my questions were ever answered. I know that there's supposed to be another part, and that's all well and dandy. Bitches want to get paid, and all. And I'm okay with cliffhangers. But, dammit, answer SOME of my questions, will you? 2. Mara was either too crazy or not crazy enough. My first inclination was that she was really crazy, what with the losing chunks of time and seeing things. But then! Then! She sort of stops focusing on how crazy she is? And starts falling in love? I felt like if she was really as crazy as the author started leading us to believe she was, she was taking it a little too lightly. If this was a romance book with a bit of supernatural ability stuff in the background, you shouldn't work so hard to convince us that your character is crazy. Being psychotic isn't something you can push to the background as you LOL with a hot boy over a plate of rice. Speaking of the hot boy, his jerk-ness didn't bother me as much as it bothered others. I understand that this is a YA book, and that for some reason, that douchey-back-and-forth banter is what floats people's boat. Besides that, I thought he honestly did a few cute things while getting to know Mara and was protective and loyal, etc. That was fine.I did have a problem, though, with the constant repetitive discriptions of Noah. Jesus, we get it. He's hot. His has a crooked smile. WE GET IT. I'm not sure if this book resolved anything. I guess when we finally had a confirmation of how everyone died, it was supposed to be a big revelation but it didn't feel like one. The reader figured it out a million pages ago. Wasn't it supposed to be obvious? Beside that reveal, you're sort of left with a unsettled feeling at the end. What really happened? you ask yourself. And maybe then, if you're like me, you realize that you're confused. And then, if you're like me, you sort of accept it for what it is. An ok YA book. ETA: The book is set in Miami and I'm from the south Florida area and well. I dorked out about it a little. Like when they mentioned Calle Ocho or I-95, etc, etc. That might be part of the reason this got 2 stars. Don't hate.