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Bittersweet - Sarah Ockler Charming, simply put. Bittersweet is a light, easy read that manages to do so much right, even when not all of it is entirely unique. So many times in YA, authors create teenaged characters that are so forced or unnatural. This is not the case in Bittersweet. Ockler's voice, her character and their dialogue, their cheesy quips and our narrators tendency to float off into day dreams are all genuine, if not spot on. Even though I can't say I've read many other books about cupcake baking, figure skating, hockey coaching, waitressing teens, the plot doesn't bring too many surprises. Our main character, Hudson Avery, is likable, even when she is at her most thick skulled. Nothing ground breaking, but again, it has a lot of charm. There were a lot of one liners that I loved and noted. Nearly every chapter begins with a description of a delicious cupcake. Seriously, sometimes I read those descriptions a few times and shared them with whatever innocent bystander was nearest. The cupcakes and Hudson's little brother Bug were probably two of favorite things in the novel.