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Impossible  - Nancy Werlin Lucy is a 17 year old who discovers that the women in her family all inherit a curse that involves three impossible tasks, teen pregnancy, lunacy and some sort of love-slavery. Lucy must complete the three impossible tasks before her own daughter is born in order to break the curse. Here's what I liked:- I liked the premise. It had potential. - I liked Lucy. I mean, sure, she was a little "oh look at me, I wear sneakers with my prom dress!" but ah, fuck it. She could've been a damsel in distress and she wasn't. Instead, she stands up for herself and her unborn child and acts surprisingly rational in a book that has some sort of evil elf. - Lucy's relationship with her foster parents was very sweet.Beyond that, I just didn't like Nancy Werlin's writing. I'm 25 and I admittedly read a lot of YA, but this felt a little young for me. Her style was plain and unimaginative. I was reading about these magical things and it was with language that could've been in a phone book or menu. It ended up putting the novel in a weird middle place, where it wasn't enough fantasy for it's fantastical elements and it wasn't enough reality for it's real elements. That is to say, that there were moments where I felt they probably should've handled this whole "an evil elf is after you and you might be going crazy soon" thing with a little more gravity. At points, the entire book felt like a shrug. Like, yeah. That's the way it is. We're accepting it because... shrug. I did read it and I was marginally entertained. I probably wouldn't recommend it, though, to my group of 20-something reader friends. This probably doesn't belong in the review of the book, but I like to get my shits and giggles where I can. The copy I bought for my Kindle off of Amazon was RIDDLED WITH ERRORS. It was so bad that there was one sentence that should've read, "you stay right where you are," and my version said, "you stay tight whore you are."WHAT.