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One Moment - Kristina McBride 3.5/5 starsI picked up this book after a long day of work, sat on the couch with a big t-shirt on and read through the entire thing in a couple of hours. The biggest compliment I can give this book is that it's that kind of book. Even though this book doesn't feature an action packed plot, McBride gets the pacing right. It runs almost perfectly smoothly. I did have to trudge a little through the first chapter. Even though the big action, the death of the main character's boyfriend, comes then, you are still too new to the characters and setting to feel it in any kind of way. I made myself push forward into the story, but it wasn't long before McBride carried me throughout the rest of the book. Protagonist Maggie really helps sell the story. She deals with her many emotions in a relateable way. I felt what she felt most of the time, though she handled herself in a much classier way than I probably would've. That helped me root for her too. The other surrounding characters were a little but under developed. I followed along fine during the story, but after I close this book, it feels like they could all smear together in my memory. I had a love/hate relationship with the flash backs in the book. They were absolutely necessary in this book, to tell the story completely, but there was no clear distinction between what was happening present time and what was a flashback. Most of the time it was easy to figure out, but sometimes I had to do a little back peddling and double check. That's never a good thing to have a reader do. You lose them in the flow of your story. I can't say that any one moment was particularly surprising. Even though you see it a mile away, though, you turn each page thinking, "please don't let it be that. Not that. Not that." I read a lot of this book with my heart in my throat. I'm sort of a sap that way. Overall, a pleasant reading experience. I would check out other books written by McBride. ETA: This book gets additional points for sticking with you. A few days after reading I was still thinking about and feeling for Maggie. And now, a month after reading, and while re-reading this review, I really can say that McBride was able to hook me emotionally. ARC provided by NetGalley