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Deadly Intent - Carolyn Keene Original recap for the Snark Squad here.Book number two, also known as the book in which I figured out that there is going to be a new boy standing behind Nancy in probably all of these covers. I'd like someone to seriously discuss with me the metaphor there. I'll give you the heads up that my theory involves the phrase "ho fa sho."Nancy, Ned and the Bovine Besties are off to meet their favorite band in New York, on account of Nan's dad having the hook-up. The lead guitarist for the band goes missing. The rest of the band is like way super impressed when Nancy deduces that he's barefoot, wherever he is, because his shoes are still in the dressing room. That's the type of A+ detective work you can expect from dear old Nan. The band asks Nancy to please take the case, because the New York City Police Department couldn't be expected to handle it. Noooo. Nope. Bess' flavor of the book takes the stolen guitar player's spot in the show. They figure that even though their friend just got kidnapped, it'd still be okay to play on. Nancy uses this time to search for clues, but to also get hit over the head by a shadowy figure, which I thought I should mention. Lots of things happen and we get introduced to a whole ton of characters and none of them actually did it, as it usually goes in these books. We soon learn that the entire ordeal has to do with pirated music, which OMG WHO WOULD DO THAT? NOT ME. EVER.Who kidnapped the guitar player?What does it have to do with dragons and Chinese people?Seriously, who would ever pirate music?Find all of this out and more in book #2, Deadly Intent. Quotes from the recap:Lorraine: The guards give Nan the description of the two men. “Yeah, they were about yay high, and really kidnapper-y looking. Almost a little killer-y.” (Okay, maybe not quite the description they gave but kind of.)Lorraine: Such racism. I mean, I know it has nothing to do with race but I don’t think there’s a word for discrimimation against supporting characters.Sweeney: I refuse to believe that someone who wears cowboy boots and a purple bandana could be kidnapped for knowing too much. Not possible.Sweeney: I’m stunned that someone in one of these books actually realized that they are dumb. I mean, I would never be so hopeful as to think that someone could be smart, but being aware of one’s own stupidity seems remarkably brilliant for these books.