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Persuasion - Jane Austen There are many reactions that an Austen fan gets when they confess themselves as such. Perhaps a shared fangirl squee. Maybe an "of course you are." Plenty of times it's the admission of not getting Austen. Of not enjoying "romance novels." Of being confused or bored by her prose.I carefully say that I am a fan, as I haven't yet made my way through all her works. More than anything, I love Pride and Prejudice with a deep, nostalgic, I've-read-it-a-million-times love.A friend of mine recently picked this up for a re-read, and her reading updates inspired me to give Persuasion a try. It took about three or four chapters before I liked Anne Elliot immensely and reading through the rest of the book was surprisingly easy. What Austen writes is more nuanced than just a romance novel. Her books, Persuasion included, are full of humor and smart commentary and little treats throughout the narration. I think it's all the better that my first time reading Persuasion has happened in my mid-twenties. Where while reading Pride and Prejudice I am all giggles and swoons, Persuasion had me relating and nodding sagely. Anne Elliot is the Austen character I've found so far the easiest to relate to. We've all had our opinions persuaded, we've all felt overlooked, we've all questioned the decisions of our family, we've all questioned our own past decisions. There we find Anne as she finds herself once again moving in the same social circle as Captain Wentworth, "the one that got away," to put it tritely. Anne is to be appreciated as a more mature Austen character. She has many admirable traits and many quirks that made me like her. I loved that at 27, and sort of lost in the shuffle of her life, losing consequence and being overlooked, her happiest moments are when she feels useful. Yes, girlfriend. I also loved that often times, she had to retreat, and sit in silence and consider her own thoughts.Though I didn't feel the relationship between Wentworth and Anne quite as much as Darcy and Elizabeth, I loved the themes the plot set up let Austen explore. I loved the relationship between Admiral and Mrs. Croft. It is not often that Austen gives us peeks of long lasting, happy marriages, and in the Crofts she comments on what she thought it ought to be. Sharing the reigns while driving sort of thing. A second favorite moment came when Anne was discussing the differences in feeling between women and men. More than agreeing with anything that was said, I loved it in context. And, of course, that conversation led the way for THE romantic moment in the book, Wentworth's letter to Anne.At the end, I can't really compare this to Pride and Prejudice. I loved that one longer and better. That said, I also can't give Persuasion anything less than five stars. For any faults you might find in Austen, she was not a one hit wonder. Here she provides another book to fall in love with, and I have no doubt that I will visit Anne again. And again, and again.