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The Samaritan - Fred Venturini "Simple really," I said. "The heart does not grow back."In that line, Venturini appropriately sums up his well-written, raw and character driven story. I turned the last page feeling slightly depressed, but mostly impressed at Ventirini's seamless story telling and at his ability to illicit such a reaction from his readers. It's amazing to me that a story that features limb regeneration could feel so true and so relate-able. His tone is always conversational, though his descriptions and observations are anything but simple. The truth is that the story is about more than just its supernatural element. At its core, it is a story of friendship, loss, trauma, chaos, guilt, expectations and reality. It's about getting along when your heart is taken from you. The friendship between Dale and Mack really helps the entire thing progress nicely. In other circumstances, in another story or perhaps apart from each other, Mack and Dale might be entirely unlikeable. Together, and in this story, they sell a story of an unlikely friendship, loyalty and love. I truly enjoyed reading this story and would recommend it to those who don't flinch too easily. Venturini's descriptions can get a little graphic in places, though never gratuitously so. It fits the story.Overall, Venturini uses a story of physical regeneration to explore tragedy and creates an honest, well written, dark, fast paced story that will leaving you thinking even after the last page.