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Rape Girl - Alina Klein There is no false advertising here: "Rape Girl" is exactly what you would expected it to be And while saying that this book is about rape would be stating the obvious, it is about rape and very little else. Valerie is our main character, yes, but everything we learn about her is in relation to the rape.What we get is a window; a brief snapshot of this moment in 16-year-old Valerie's life with very minimal help from the past or future. It provides a very focused look at the reactions and emotions following the incident, making it an interesting study, and one that hits close to home for me personally. The book moves relatively quickly, though it did take me a few chapters in the beginning before I was able to sink my teeth into it. I wish there'd been a bit more character development. Everyone in the novel is defined by Valerie and the Rape and where they stood after it. There are reactions, but it didn't feel like there were personalities. This is the same for Val. I felt for her, but I don't feel after reading this book like I knew her, apart from this one life-changing moment. The book felt simple and stripped down. There wasn't a lot of fancy writing or a lot of drama or many serious! talks! It felt like a naturally evolving tragedy, not a forced or over-wrought one, which I appreciated. As I said, this subject hits close to home for me and there were many times the emotions were so true to life. When Val was discussing feeling "less raped" than others in her support group, I'll admit that the sentiment made me tear. Overall, a short and simply written novel. There was room for improvement, but it was genuine and I believe that many people who have had similar experiences, or have loved ones who have, will easily fall into Valerie's story. ARC provided by NetGalley