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Logan Likes Mary Anne! - Ann M. Martin This was the first Baby-sitters Club I ever re-read. I did so with the express intent of making fun of it for Childhood Trauma, so you should take that into consideration as you read my review. Also, the fact that I'm 25 and not in fifth grade. Also, also, the fact that I once loved these books with the indiscriminate love of a fifth grader. Onward. Mary Anne Spier is the most boring member of the Baby-Sitters club and according to fellow Snark Squad-er Sweeney, the most boring character in the history of ever. This, however, is her shining moment, and the moment that defined romance for a shit ton of pre-pubescent girls. First, though, it is necessary to mention that the Baby-Sitters Club WAS ALL KRISTY'S GREAT IDEA. Because we must mention that in every. single. freakin'. book. The bulk of all Baby-Sitter's Club books are comprised of absolutely useless details, like who called when and what atrocities everyone was wearing or what sugar free snack Stacey the DIABETIC! is eating. In this book we learn that you aren't allowed to tape up pictures in your locker in Stoneybrook Middle, so the kids all used chewed gum. Uh... ew. Logan goes on a trial baby-sitting job and does a really good job. The girls are all really uncomfortable around him though, since they can no longer talk about bra straps and cute boys. It is decided that Logan cannot join the club. He can ask Mary Anne out though! Yay. Meanwhile, Stacey is planning the first boy/girl party of their age group and is planning on surprising Mary Anne with a birthday cake while at the party. Mary Anne sucks though, and is a little like those goats that faint when they get scared. Things do not go as planned. Has Mary Anne lost her friends forever? Will Logan ever ask her out again? WILL SHE EVER GET A CAT. These are the big questions in "Logan Likes Mary Anne." To read our full recap, visit: "Logan Likes Mary Anne" - Because She Wants to Hug Every Cat.Good quotes from that recap:Lorraine: Which leaves Stacey, who Mary Anne informs us is super flashy and exciting and likes "doing things to her hair." Uh, like combing it? Or is she doing dirty things to her hair? I don't get what's going on here.Sweeney: Mary Anne has a serious girl crush on Stacey. Because she's from New York. I wonder if Mary Anne knows that her New Yorker self would totally be a crazy cat lady on the outskirts of the city."We get to talk about little puberty boobs now. This isn't awkward AT ALL. See, Mary Anne finally bought a bra because she'd begun to grow boobs over the summer. This leaves Kristy as the only flat chested member. Aw. Hope your ideas keep you warm at night, Kristy.""Wait, my sarcastic judgment has notches?!? My life is changed."