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Dark Companion - Marta Acosta This book. Well, let's see...Basically. I was so all over the place while reading this book, making it hard to boil it down to neat, general observances. Let me quickly take you through the story, with some light spoilers.Dark Companion tells the story of Jane Williams who survived a traumatic experience in her childhood, only to lose all those memories and then be placed into foster care. When we pick up her story, she's been offered a full scholarship to Birch Grove, a fancy fancy school for girls. Things seem to be a little too good to be true, and Jane starts slowly discovering and piecing together why.- The prologue was beautiful. It was dark and set the way for this mystery shrouded story. I really enjoyed the surreal setting it created and had high hopes for this book after reading it. - The first few chapters consisted of me shouting two things: MOST CLICHE "HOOD" EVAR. and THIS IS A WHOLE LOT LIKE JANE EYRE. I was annoyed by the first and very confused by the second. Orphan girl named Jane? Check. Leaving her foster home and going to school? Check. Yelling at her care taker before she leaves and saying all she wanted was kindness? Check. It was so blatant that I had to Google if Jane Eyre is mentioned/credited at all in the story summaries. It isn't, directly, but a few reviews I found say things like "anyone who loves Jane Eyre will love Dark Companion!" Hahahaha. Hmmm. As the story goes on, it gets less and less like JE, but there are a few in your face moments scattered through out, like when Jack crashes into Jane and hurts himself. HE ASKS HER TO FETCH HIS BIKE GUYS. There is even a version of the "do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little" speech! I'm not against this in and of itself, but I would've liked to have known about it beforehand so it didn't sneak up behind me and slap me in the face. - The vampire bit also slapped me in the face. Seriously, I should either pay more attention or that back of the book blurb sucked. (Haha. Sucked.)- The supporting characters and the dialogue were hit or miss. Examples:"His name must come from the Latin lucianus, meaning light, and that's what he was, golden and bright. -- Bad. We get it. You're smart and studying Latin. In that case tell me, how do you say, "ewww, clunky!" in Latin?"I know what my mom's groceries are like. Full of antioxidants, roughage, and upright moral character." -- Good! Funny and witty. This is something I can imagine a smart teen saying. "Hey Jane. I'm Orneta, but you can call me Ornery, 'cause I'm kinda cranky." -- Uuuugh, really? -_-"You're such a friendship slut and I find that deeply disturbing. Jane, I hope you aren't as wildly promiscuous with your friendship." Better. Etc. - Excuse my language, but mother fuck another unhealthy guy/girl relationship in a YA novel. Jane meets the two sons of the headmistress, Jack and Lucky. Jack is a little sure of himself, and he likes to joke around with Jane. He didn't offend me, even when Jane thought he was being cruel, because as the reader you understand more than Jane and you can see the truth behind Jack's actions. Lucky and Jane's relationship, though? Irritated my liver. He's an outright flippant jerk. It's a secret, abusive relationship and I hated every second of it because it really didn't need to be in this story in that way. He's using her, but I could deal with that part. Jane reasons that she's being used, but she's also being paid which is important to her. BUT THEN SHE STARTS GETTING GOOGLY EYED.I cannot buy that and I hate that Jane's character is cheapened for the middle portion of the book as we have to suffer through her falling for a guy who treats her like crap. Which leads me to- Jane's characterization was a little off. There were times where I believed in her as a street smart, raised in foster care, seen things kind of girl. These times were a little few and far between. I wish we would've seen a little bit more of that life style influencing Jane. Like, for instance, how some one who's been abused that way and fought a way out of it, probably wouldn't fall for the jerk boy, ahemahemahem. - By the end I was very interested in finding out WTF was going on. Again, the explanations had it's interesting moments and it's "no, stop it." moments. The point here is that at least I was interested. I found the build-up a little slow and all said and down, the resolutions a little too easy and anti-climatic. - Is this a series? Because it sets up that way. We get a nice tied up ending to this book, but there are some other open ended things, and amongst them is the mysterious disappearance of a villain. It's a nice set-up for a series, so if it is, well done. If it isn't, um, whoops. Overall, confusing. Jane could've been an amazing, tough protagonist, but instead she's somehow naive and allows herself to be used and abused. The tone of the story is great, perfectly dark and Gothic, but the plot twists are convoluted and borderline on trite. The supporting characters can be great, including MV, but there are others that are simply caricatures, like the headmistress and Lucky. I'm stuck between, "I wouldn't recommend this to anyone" and "if there's another part, I'd probably read it."Do with this information as you please. :)