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Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone - Kat Rosenfield If I were the type of person who gave out half stars *cough* this book would be a 3.5 star book. Why? I didn't enjoy it on a four star level BUT it is most certainly not three star caliber. Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone is beautifully written. The two interwoven stories of Amelia Anne and Becca come together so nicely to paint a portrait of what it means to leave certain things behind. Kat Rosenfield uses these two ladies to expertly comment on heartbreak, second chances, new beginnings, small towns, loss and love. There were so many times when I was simply swept away in her prose. It's a book propelled not by plot or characters, but simply by introspection. Therein also lies the fault of Amelia Anne. For as beautiful as some parts of the story where, there just wasn't enough meat to the plot throughout the middle of the story. Many of the observations from Becca, about feeling stuck in town, about being unable to picture her future, about what murder has brought them as a community, were repeated a couple of times. The repetition helped to highlight the thinner portions of the story. I didn't especially like Becca or Amelia. Becca was a little too weak and bland for my tastes, in this story of how she loses herself for a summer. Amelia was insensitive and came across as a tad selfish and spoiled. The only character I truly had any sympathy for was James. James continually made me re-think my opinion of him, and all the times I felt strongest throughout the book were directly tied to him. Essentially, that's all I can say: a plot stretched too long and too thin, populated by characters who aren't easy to love, bolstered by very pretty writing.Check it out if you like deep thoughts and ambling personal realizations with just a dash of mystery.