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Every Day - David Levithan 3.5 starsI know. Another half star. But I've found myself in this position again: a 4 star caliber book that rubbed me, personally, in a 3 star way. First and foremost David Levithan has a beautiful style. Yes, it is often angst-y but it is clean, simple, lyrical and pretty. Levithan has been known to make me fall in love with falling in love. I wanted love to conquer all. But love can't conquer anything. It can't do anything on its own. It relies on us to do the conquering on its behalf.I loved the premise of this book, and moreso, what the premise let Levithan explore. I was immediately hooked by the thought of this constantly changing existence. Of this person who has accepted their way of life, 24 hours at a time. I'll admit that I was a little thrown by the speed that the story takes off. I've seen the insta-love term thrown around in other reviews and to me, this book erred on the side of "guilty as charged." I didn't take offense to A falling for Rhiannon in one day. I can understand that because one day is all he had. One day is different for him than it is for us. I was more thrown by it happening so immediately at the beginning of the novel. We had no sense of A's life before we were being told that Rhiannon had changed it all. It was abrupt. And it was hard to accept that after so many days not falling in love, Rhiannon, with a look and a few words, had managed to change that. But, I accepted it and I moved on with the story. Again, there were many very petty parts, where Levithan uses his plot to explore themes of love and attraction. At some points, I felt it wandered off into being a little bit preachy. It stopped letting the reader use the words as a jumping point for further thought and started to form conclusions for us. I liked both A and Rhiannon and I liked that they fell for each other through stories and shared memories. I liked that what started off a little instalove-y, built up further through some space and time. I did not like the ending. I felt that it essentially left us with half a story. A's life was disrupted by this girl and at the end of the book I couldn't help feeling that it was for no reason. What was the point in telling this story, other than a few pretty lines about love? I'm not sure that I've figured that out yet, which knocked the story down a couple of notches for me. If you've enjoyed Levithan's previous work, I'm sure you will enjoy this. If you enjoy introspective prose, with limited plot twists, but rather propelled by the observations tied to small, every day things, you'll probably enjoy Every DayAll said and done, nice, though I wish it would've been more.