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Dark Places - Gillian Flynn Me and this book? It's complicated. In Dark Spaces, Gillian Flynn creates an intriguing murder mystery, propped up with gruesome circumstances and deeply flawed characters. And if I had to boil all that down into one word for this book: dirty. At once pulling you into the intrigue of the killings and pushing you away with unlikable characters, Dark Spaces was sometimes difficult to read. I had to at times put it down and walk away, wrap my head around whatever new piece of information I'd learned. I fell in love with the way Flynn told the story, from the points of view of Libby Day in the present and Patty and Ben Day in the past. The style added layers to the story, giving us smart pieces and just enough information to create a smooth pace throughout the book. Picking up on the little differences between Libby's point of view and her mother's, or finding the explanation for one thing in another person's narrative was thrilling and exciting. It helped balance out the gruesome moments, because it made the story more than just "yuck." Thankfully, Dark Spaces felt resolved at the end. I don't think I could've handled less than what Flynn did. I like her stories because no one is good in them. Not one person. And it is never clean cut. On the quest to find out who really killed her family, I think Libby learns that everyone is guilty. So many different things went wrong, so many lies told and so many people had a hand in the killing of the days. Even when you get to the moment where you discover who actually killed the family, you know that no one was good in this story. They all did it. I liked Libby in spite of myself and in spite of her flaws. She was self aware, which helps the reader come more to terms with her flaws. She grows a little in the process of the story which also helped the reader embrace her, even though she's flawed, to say the least. This is definitely not for everyone. If you have a taste for the macabre, if you don't mind not liking the characters in a book, I think you would appreciate Dark Spaces.