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Altered - Jennifer Rush This is one of those love-centered, action backed YA novels that feels a little cheesy while you are reading it, but I suppose the point is that you read it anyways.I'll start by saying that I very much liked the premise of Altered. Four boys being genetically altered in the lab under your house and you've fallen in love with one of them. I like (in theory) the idea of the revelations that come once they (the altered boys and our main protagonist, Anna)are all on the run, and how it changes (or should change) Anna's relationship which each boy. I liked the boys, and their different personalities. This story is about a chase, and it unravels as you go on, and those are elements that naturally draw your story forward and provide momentum.Altered is easy to read and the main action of the story was enough to keep me curious and invested.Now, there were some problems. One was how much the romance popped up in this story at inopportune times. Later in the story, we get an additional explanation as to why Anna feels so connected to Sam, but man. Self preservation trumps the tingly feeling your bf's touch gives you is all I'm saying. In one of the opening scenes, Anna watches several men get killed and then her father gets shot. She thinks that it all can't be happening, those men can't be dead, her father can't be hurt... and OMG her crush is so close she can feel his breath!!!1REALLY? Was that really the right time to stick in that little thing about being close together? After she watched people get KILLED? I hate moments like that. If you are going to have a heroine who is on the run with these strong boys, and she's taken combat training and you want to make her kick ass, don't cheapen her by having her cosntantly wonder if her crush likes her mid-escape. It kind of sucks. There were a couple of other eye-roll worthy moment. Despire involving genetic alterations and a clandestine operation, many of these elements were watered down. For instance, while on the run, they encounter an encoded clue and the first part of it has nothing X's, I's and V's. Anna is all, "what can this mean???" and it literally takes her chapters later and looking at a clock to realize, "ROMAN NUMERALS." It was small things like that that make this sort of Spy Kids-ish. In all, though, it was just sort of light and fun. Pick it up if you are a big fan of action driven YA novels and you have a few extra hours laying around somewhere.