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Just One Day - Gayle Forman Don't enter into this book expecting a romance. I can't say that it was, and if you want to read about one, you might find yourself disapointed. Additionally, don't ask this book to make you feel happy, or chipper, as again that is not in its job description. Was it depressing? Yep. But I think that showcasing the deprerssion Allyson feels, telling us of how she lost and found herself is what the book set out to do. Just One Day tells the story of Allyson Healey, straight edge, goodie-two-shoes, whose parents send her on a post-graduation tour of Europre. She's having a hard time enjoying herself. That is, until, she meets Willem, a Dutch actor in a outdoor production of Shakespeare. He invites her for a one day adventure in Paris. It lasts exactly one day, and after she is home, in college, Allyson must deal with what her one day taught her about herself. I must admit that there is a part through the middle where I was frustrated with Allyson and how very little progress she was making. Not with the story, though, but with the character which is an important disctinction to make. The other characters in Forman's story are all so nicely crafted. From the tour guide, to Allyson's roommates to her study partner and friend, Dee, they all add layers to the story and help our heroine take steps toward her self discovery. Willem is another story. I never liked or trusted him.The setting was beautiful. I not-so-secretly lust after the idea of visiting Paris, and reading about Allyson going there, and returning there, made me swoon a little. All in all, I read it in a few hours one night, my heart constricted, and when I finished I was definitely sadder than when I started. But. It is nicely written and has lovely themes. Recommended for fans of self-discovery or coming of age stories.