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Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2) - Marissa Meyer Scarlet, like it's predecessor, is a quick, entertaining read. There was nothing truly groundbreaking within it's pages, but it was a well-paced, action driven story that was perfect for evening, forget the worries of the world reading. I rated this one a star above Cinder, because I think it had a bit more momentum, and also benefited from the fact that the introductions were done-- I was reading about characters I already knew and liked. Scarlet and Wolf were welcome additions to the cast. We don't spend too much time delving into their personalities, but the sequence of events proves to the reader that Scarlet is an able and brave girl, and what's great is that she's significantly "normal." She's often at a disadvantage strength and power wise, but it never stops her from pushing forward toward her goal. Fun over all and recommended for those who read in the genre.