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The Sound - Sarah Alderson It's would be hard to describe what this story did right, because much of that is pretty run-of-the-mill, romance story quality: hot boy who's kind of a jerk, but OMG NO. JOKES. NOT REALLY. He smirks. The protagonist reads books, loves music and is a blogger! She's hot, but she totally doesn't think so because she's... curvy. Simple, occasionally witty prose peppered with pop-culture references. Basically, girl spends summer away from home, girl falls in love with boy or boys, girl is almost murdered. Something like that. Here's where the story got away from itself: - Well, basically all the cliche from above.- The thriller portion of this romance thriller is highly predictable and comes in the form of several balls being juggled. There's a rapist AND a serial killer to worry about, and you've got to wonder about our girl's odds.- The MC makes some questionable choices, all because of said hot boy and his rippling muscles. - There is some undercover slut shaming built into the story. Whenever the MC thinks about wanting to have sex with the attractive male she's spent a few weeks getting to know, it's followed by thoughts like, "I'm such a skank!" and "what is wrong with me???" Nothing, girl. Nothing. - The story dragged on for longer than what the plot called for. - The supporting characters bled together, so that I never knew which preppie boy was which and which bitchy girl was which. In the end, it didn't matter much to the plot anyways. Nothing amazing to see here, folks! Go for it if you are a YA/NA romance junkie, and have a day to knock out a book. If not, well, I'm sure you'll find something else to fill up your time.